About UpSocial Network

UpSocial deploys a secured, decentralized, scalable, and unintrusive version of today’s social media on the blockchain, empowering any platform user to become a creator by simply signing up to the UpSocial platform.
Creators can form groups that work like decentralized autonomous organizations to share blog posts, images, status, videos, and more with friends. Users can discover great content through trending hashtags, feeds, and likes. Eventually, groups can become a unique social network for specific content, a forum, marketplace of a blog. Platform users will sell NFTs, deploy smart contracts, and upgrade to a more personalized version of UpSocial, which functions as a personal website with complete control of content and the exact secure mechanism available.
Popular stars, celebrity content creators, and users will enjoy all the benefits of their popularity without restrictions on the UpSocial platform. As a upgraded user on UpSocial, you will earn UpSocial tokens for your daily contribution to the platform. Aside from that, you can sell your posts, videos, and other creations as NFTs on UpSocial and receive payments from your fans in USD, BTC, USN, or ETH.
UpSocial is also a people-focused and quality-driven platform designed by a team committed to continuously improving the platform based on users' needs and distributing rewards based on work. Overall, UpSocial brings people closer together without saying it from tongue in cheek. Take back the control of your priceless data, earn from your contributions and referrals, and realize your ultimate freedom with UpSocial.