Top Questions

What is UpSocial?

UpSocial deploys a secure and decentralized version of social network using blockchain technology to create groups or communities of like-minded people. Content creators can post content while consumers can discover posts using hashtags, feeds, and trends.

What makes UpSocial different from Reddit?

Unlike Subreddits, UpSocial Groups are highly customizable, and owners can create custom monetization methods to ensure steady cash flow.

When will UpSocial launch?

We are planning to launch a full-fledged UpSocial platform till Q3 of 2024

How can I earn UpTokens or USN tokens using the UpSocial Platform?

You can earn USN tokens using the UpSocial platform in the following scenarios -
1] As an UpSocial user, you will get USN tokens from our reward program to create content and promote it. So, you don’t have to worry about fees.
2] Earn from your contributions. When you like & comment on UpSocial, platforms will reward you for your engagements, and when you post, you will get rewarded by other UpSocial users for the valuable content you post.
3] Refer to your friends and earn USN for every person who joins because of you
4] Sell your posts, creations, or any form of art as NFT to earn directly from the buyers

Where can I trade USN tokens?

We are planning to add USN on all significant exchanges by Q4 of 2021.​

Are there any Airdrops?

Yes. To participate in Airdrops, click here. The system will transfer coins earned in Airdrop campaigns after 6-9 months once the presale is over.​

Are there any bounties?

Yes. At UpSocial, we take development very seriously. Currently, 4 billion USN tokens are allocated for bounty programs.

Where can I get updates about the UpSocial project?

We are highly active on our Telegram group. Apart from that, we post about the project updates on our blog section and social media platforms.
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