Important Terms


The content that users post on UpSocial. Currently, it can be text, image, or video. Users need to add a title followed by content.


NSFW is an abbreviation for 'Not Safe For Work', and it is used to mark links to content, videos, or website pages that the viewer may not wish to be seen looking at in a public, formal or controlled environment. If users are posting such content, they need to tick the checkbox before publishing content.


Creators must make all posts inside of a Group. All users are free to create as many Groups as they want. A Group can function as a private group or as a community. Users can follow groups to see posts from that group on their feed. The owner of a group can moderate the group and change how it is set up.

Mod Tools

1] Owners are the primary admins of groups, generally founders of respective groups. Owners have powers to edit the group settings, remove members and transfer ownership to people. Owners can deactivate the group once the majority votes the decision.
2] Moderators can moderate the community but cannot make changes to the positions of members
3] Members can view and contribute content to the groups but cannot make changes. However, members own the right to vote for making every decision in a group.


Upvoting is a reaction to a post that signals that the viewer likes it. The number of upvotes that a post has received is visible to everyone.


Downvoting is a reaction to a post that signals that the viewer does not like it. The number of downvotes a post has received is visible to everyone.


Comments are replies to the posts that are visible below a post.


Sharing a post is similar to retweeting a tweet on Twitter. Sharing a post is similar to a post, as users must share posts with groups. Shares can also be upvoted, downvoted, commented on, and shared.


Users can reward someone for the content others have created, whether it is an article, a video, or simply a joke that made them laugh. Awards will go directly to the account that created the post or comment, with no intermediary skimming some off the top, like what happens on existing content monetization platforms.


UpToken (USN) is the native cryptocurrency of the UpSocial platform, representing value aggregated by the quality of the platform's content and participants of the platform. On the UpSocial platform, users will use USN to pay tips, Paid Q&A, reward users, and other use cases. Advertisers will also use USN for advertising on the platform.


Users feed is a collection of posts from Groups that they follow.


User’s profile is linked to their UpSocial account address and is an overview of their activity on UpSocial. They can set username, profile picture, first name, last name, country, and some introduction in the about section. They can also view others' profiles to see this information about them.


A cryptocurrency wallet is simply software that allows users to control their cryptocurrencies. It is separate from their account. They can log in to their account using Metamask.


The InterPlanetary File System is a decentralized storage network commonly used by blockchain projects looking for a storage solution. It is similar to a torrent network where users download content to their machines and upload it to people that wish to access it. IPFS node operators can choose what content they host on their node. UpSocial uses IPFS for multimedia storage.

Smart Contract Payments

Smart Contract Payments is a protocol intended to facilitate, detect, and enforce the negotiation or performance between two people or entities. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible.


Group owners or governance committees will be able to sell ad space in their groups to generate revenue. This revenue can either be captured by the owner or committee or distributed amongst all holders of that group or anything in between.
Searching allows users to search by text for whatever they want, including groups, posts, creators, tags, and comments.
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