Like traditional social media groups, a group on UpSocial is a collection of participants on the UpSocial platform. These participants share a common interest in ideas or content, and they can coexist on the platform, securely sharing posts, videos, images, and relevant information on UpSocial.
Technically, an UpGroup is like a DAO where users can vote to decide how the platform works based on the underlying on-chain algorithm. Groups are like communities on UpSocial with an owner who is the creator of that community and equal to other platform users.
The owner has special permissions where he can add other users and make them the owner or moderator.
The members manage the governance of a group. Members can use governance to modify space permissions, roles, elect moderators, or even collectively decide how to block unwanted content. UpSocial does not alter the way of working of any group.