Q2: April-June 2021

  • Desire to give back the social power to people.
Initial website development
  • To test product market fit and demand in the market.

Q3: July-September 2021

IPFS Integration
  • All the data in the system will be stored in the IPFS.
  • The integration will help our system to be completely decentralized.
Website Redevelopment
  • The scheduled redevelopment for the website to align with the branding.

Q4: October-December 2021 -

TestNet Live
  • MVP will be open for the beta users to test the initial product.
  • The initial testers will be awarded.
Token Live
  • The token will be deployed to the Matic chain & the code will be audited by a renowned authority.

Q1: January - March 2022

  • USN blockchain will be a custom blockchain for speed and reliability.
  • To verify the creation & related transactions, we will have our own explorer.
Airdrop Campaign
  • The referral campaign will be made live for the community to gather tokens with a specific referral algorithmic mechanism.

Q2: April - June 2022

  • Token listing on tier 3 exchanges.
  • Development of DAO
  • The core system of DAO, including
> Connected DAO to run on decentralized storage
> Rules and guidelines
> Protection against Sybil and 51% attacks
> Voting mechanism (to get the updates rolled)
> Proposal mechanism (to get considerations for new updates)

Q3: July - September 2022

  • Implementation of core Kademila architecture for speed and scalability enhancement.
  • DHT Maps and self communicating nodes.

Q4: October - December 2022

  • Cybersecurity implementation to make it future proof.
  • Audit and system testing.
  • Token creation app.

Q1: January - March 2023

  • ZERO knowledge proof implementation
  • Implementation of regulatory compliance in case of illegal/illicit activity

Q2: April - June 2023

  • Reward mechanism deployment.
  • POW stake deployment.
  • IDO Launchpad
  • Implementation of
> KYC for IDO section
> Whitelisting
> Anti-money-laundering guidelines
Note: IDO projects will determine international regulations, KYC, and other sales requirements.

Q3: July - September 2023

  • DeX Launch for users to swap and exchange their tokens.
  • USN tokens, the utility tokens, will be fully integrated with the DEX platform. It will also benefit buy-and-burn fees.
Matic integration through dot as ground zero will make the DEX fast & efficient. Users can find their crypto trading experiences on USN DEX the same as on the CEX platform when it comes to the user interface. The platform offers the required information and tutorial to start trading. This is beneficial for the first time visiting users in the DEX.

Q4: October – December 2023

  • Complete deployment of web app and NFT marketplace, including all features.

Q1: January - March 2024

  • Android app deployment with complete features.
  • Start work on iOS app simultaneously.

Q2: April - June 2024

  • iOS app deployment.
  • Create a fully functional reward-based social media platform.

Q3: July - September 2024

  • Self-sufficient DAO created after including all feedback.
  • Security and legal update and a platform that runs on its own.
Events shown in the roadmap are subject to updates based on future changes in the needs and plans for the platform.