Use Cases

Fee Payment of Platform

Every time users carry out micro and macro transactions on UpSocial Network, the platform will charge a small commission. It will assure a constant flow of revenue for the platform.


Awards are UpSocial’s way of promoting good content by allowing users to send gifts to committed network participants who add value to the platform with their contributions. Awards incentivize interaction and growth of UpSocial by allowing anyone to set up and send donations/subscriptions.

Smart Contract Payments

Payment for social token creation and distribution.


Payment for NFT creation. NFT purchase and NFT leasing.

Staking Mechanism to Obtain APY Yield for Holders

UpSocial token holders can stake their tokens and get high APY yield for just holding the token.

Decentralized Advertising

Sponsors and promoters pay in native tokens for campaigns.

Payouts to creators: Reward system

One of the primary goals of the UpSocial Network is a robust reward system is to produce the best content on the internet. At the size of Bitcoin, this could be several million dollars per day being given to the top contributors.
The actual distribution will depend upon the voting patterns of users, but we suspect that the vast majority of the rewards will be distributed to the most popular content.